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Motto: "Since the first car was built, the consumption of energy to move a person from A to B keeps rising. No productivity. This cannot work for 6.5 billion people!" (Adreas Clauss; AZK Conferenz, 21/2/2009; 23rd min.)

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About us

We are a private company organizing effective personal transport for most employees in Zdice and Čenkov industrial zones in the Czech Republic (EU) since 2003.

We use DRT (Demand Response Transport) and carpooling as a complement to the regular public transport. We operate across the area of about 1200km2.

We can provide this kind of service for any public or profit organization all over the country.

See this PowerPoint presentation describing our operation.

May interest you

Now we are working on a new booking system integrating DRT, fixed route service and carpooling to be able to use it worldwide. Therefore we are looking for more co-operators to create a highly effective system.

More details

This site describes our operation in detail - there are maps, timetables, rules for passengers, drivers etc., however only in the Czech language.

For further information contact us: dhd(at)hromadnadoprava.cz (English, German or Czech).


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